The food event organiser and Art Paris partner Broken Eggs is taking up residence for the second year running at the Grand Palais proposing its original and modern food. Several places to get a quick bite to eat will be set up, in addition to a pop-up restaurant in partnership with a guest chef. The menus will also pay tribute to France and Switzerland to ensure a 'total fair experience' even down to the food on your plate!

All the snack bars and restaurants will be managed by the No More Penguins team with their uniquely different and professional take on service with attitude.

Spok is the urban eatery par excellence and a place that draws people to centres of activity (business districts, city centres). Its high level of quality is guaranteed by fresh and seasonal produce and attention to environmental concerns, not forgetting its friendly staff, exclusive range, consistency and rigor.

Spok asserts a very individual approach to food that breaks with typical market practices and declares war on processed food, fat and chemical additives. The company's management philosophy also sets Spok apart from its competitors: the group comprises an incredibly accessible network of franchises, in which top billing goes to the franchisees themselves to ensure that life is good and authentic.

Animal Kitchen is the in-house eatery serving quick and tasty food at the Point Ephémère in Paris' 10th arrondissement. In an atmosphere where live music meets live cooking, Antonin Girard, head chef and the man behind Animal Records, concocts dishes with a dual French and Asian vibe. Expect some truly upmarket cuisine.

At Animal Kitchen you get a selection of refined, colourful and tasty dishes. The menu featuring tapas & street food and changes from one week to another depending on the chef's inspirations and the season. Antonin Girard's creations are presented in bamboo containers to eat in or takeaway.

Spotlight on the produce
- The rolls come from Landemaine, a famous artisanal bakery.
- When it comes to Italian cheeses (paisano, ricotta and crescenza), the chef's go-to supplier is Davide, who's a real Italian and the manager of Paris' Paisano cheesemonger's.
- The other cheeses (such as cheddar and goat's milk cheese) are supplied by Goncourt.
- The Japanese products, which are Antonin Girard's culinary trademark, are sourced at Workshop Issé, a supplier of top-of-the-range Japanese products. It's the place to go for the very best yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), furikake (a condiment) and dashi (skipjack tuna stock).
- All the meat is sourced in France and the sauces (barbecue sauce, honey and yuzu salad dressing etc) are all homemade.

The team has just opened EP7, a new hybrid venue.

Arnaud Lohyer discovered Paul Bocuse's cuisine in Lyon and it was while working in the latter's kitchens that he prepared for the final of the "best apprentice in France" competition. In the same city, which is famous for its gastronomy, he then worked alongside Nicolas Le Bec, who transmitted such fundamental values as a rigorous approach and love for the produce. Motivated by his desire to discover a wide diversity of different experiences, Arnaud went to the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, where he learnt all about working in a luxury hotel and experienced the consistency and team spirit of the large kitchen staff.

He fine-tuned his know-how in Paris at l'Apicius alongside Jean-Pierre Vigato, before a second spell in Monaco saw him at the Hotel de Paris, where the experience and precision of Alain Ducasse would allow him to further enrich and enhance his expertise.

After being contacted by Pierre Gagnaire, he set off for Saint Barthélemy to take part in the reopening of his restaurant on the island. Back in Paris, he continued his collaboration with Gagnaire in the kitchens at Gaya, before joining the team at the Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire on Rue Balzac.

It was these experiences, combined with a desire for freedom and new encounters that encouraged him to leave behind the Michelin-starred kitchens and come and cook for you in your very own home.

Nicolas Darnauguilhem is one of those chefs who has been shaped as much by his travels as the restaurants he has worked in. From Europe to Asia and America, nourished by an abundance of influences, Nicolas has developed his own unique approach to gastronomy, one which is precise, generous, surprising and elegant. Customers come to his restaurant Le Neptune in Geneva to enjoy his free and spirited approach to cooking. More than a chef, Nicolas is a host for whom the pleasure of his guests is paramount, and yet he never gives up on the audacity that has always been his trademark.

At Le Neptune, we serve balanced dishes that are close to nature and full of life, but which are also creative, innovative and non-conventional. Our cuisine is generous and imagined for people who enjoy good food. It is also light and healthy, because eating is important and we believe that it is our duty not only to bring pleasure, but also to make sure that the food you eat in our restaurant is good for you. This responsible approach to life is at the heart of our philosophy.

That's why we select the produce that ends up on the plate with the utmost rigor. We only cook the best regional produce that we carefully select at the market and which comes from organic farms, small-scale farms, local market gardens and artisanal fisheries. It's then up to us to make these top quality products into sublime plates of food, while endeavouring to transform the ingredients as little as possible in order to preserve their nutritional and energetic values and taste.

Mirroring the chef's mindset, it is an open and non-dogmatic cuisine that adapts to suit the desires and preferences of one and all. These same principals are applied across the whole restaurant: our wines are also produced by independent winegrowers, people who share our passion for products of truly exceptional quality.

We are convinced that the respect these commitments on a daily basis is the secret to cooking food that nourishes the body, enchants the mind and tickles the taste buds!

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