36 monographic exhibitions by modern and contemporary artists

A monographic exhibition offers a special moment in an artist's career because it helps to develop a better understanding of his/her work and, in so doing, develops the artist's reputation. Ever since 2015, Art Paris Art Fair has been encouraging the presentation of one-person exhibitions spread throughout the fair. The 2018 edition features an unprecedented number of 36 solo shows featuring international artists.

List of solo shows:

Geneviève Asse, (1923), Galerie Oniris ● Florent Paumelle
François Bard, (1958), Galerie Olivier Waltman
Blek Le Rat, (1951), Galerie Ange Basso
Marion Boehm, (1964), ARTCO Gallery
Zoulikha Bouabdellah, (1977), GVCC
Axel Cassel, (1955 /2015), Galerie Koralewski
Pierre Celice, (1932), Maurice Verbaet Center
Li Chevalier, (1961), Galerie Albert Benamou - Véronique Maxé
Michel Cornu, (1957), Lise Braun Collection
Lenonardo Cremonini (1925 /2010), T&L Galerie
Hervé Di Rosa, (1959), AD Galerie
Monique Frydman, (1943), Bogéna Galerie
Ilya Gaponov, (1981), K35 Art Gallery
Vincent Gicquel, (1974), Galerie Thomas Bernard -Cortex Athletico
Heikedine Günther, (1966), Artem-Reich
Brian Harte, (1978), GNYP
Hessie, (1936/2017) Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre
Todd Hido, (1968), La Galerie Particulière / Galerie Foucher-Biousse
Alexandre Hollan, (1933), Galerie La Forest Divonne
Georges Jeanclos, (1933 /1997), Galerie Capazza
Kengo Kuma, (1954), Galerie Philippe Gravier
Philippe Lardy, (1963), Espace Muraille
Mohamed Lekleti, (1965), Sulger-Buel Lovell
Ra'anan Levy, (1954), Galerie Dina Vierny
Grégoire Müller, (1947), Grob Gallery
Nemanja Nikolic, (1987), Galerie Dix9 - Hélène Lacharmoise
Georges Noël, (1924 / 2010), Galerie Tristan
Frédéric Pardo, (1944 /2005), Loevenbruck
Simone Pheulpin, (1941), Maison Parisienne
Jean Raine, (1927 /1986), Galerie Michel Descours
Jean-Pierre Raynaud, (1939), Galerie Caroline Smulders
Steve Sabella, (1975), Contemporary Art Platform
Caroline Tapernoux, (1968), Point to Point Galerie
Tilt, (1974), Kolly Gallery
Jean Truphémus, (1922 /2017), Galerie Claude Bernard
Yuping Wang, (1962), Wooson Gallery

Solo Show is supported by :

Hervé di Rosa, Pure classic circulation, 2017
Kengo Kuma, Urushi Project - Table basse, 2017
Mohamed Lekleti, L'oiseau est de la poussière d'âme, 2017
Tilt, Layers 21, 2017
Georges Noël, "Chemise ailée", 1995
Brian Harte, Mother and child, 2017
François Bard, La guerre, c'est maintenant, 2018
Wang Yuping, She Eats Tomatoes in the Dream, 2006