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Schools in Lebanon for Syrian child refugees

Artists from Galerie Claude Lemand invite you to purchase an artwork. All proceeds will go to helping Syrian child refugees in Lebanon.

“I felt I had to do something to help Syrian child refugees in Lebanon and opted for an action in the field of education, seeing as half of these 400,000 children can no longer go to school. Instead of organising an auction, I have devised a wonderful humanitarian project in partnership with the Art Paris Art Fair team. The works for sale will be exhibited on the 4 main walls of the fair and on my stand’s external walls and will therefore be seen by the 50,000 or so visitors attending this major spring event in Paris. Their position will guarantee widespread media coverage of these artists’ generous act and the cause they have chosen to support. Our aim is to make it possible to run 5 schools for at least a year and if possible two years, in the best conditions possible. It is an act of solidarity, humanity and hope for the future of these children. It may be a drop in the ocean, but it is a targeted and verifiable action. The proceeds of the sale will be given to a French non-governmental organisation, CODSSY.ORG, which federates several associations of teachers working in the field. These teachers specialise in ensuring that boy and girl refugees, amongst the numerous Syrian child refugees in the Lebanon, can continue their education. I have signed an agreement with CODSSY, which undertakes to provide the artists with documentary proof of their donation and report back every 6 months on what is happening in each school.”
Claude Lemand, January 2017

Donating artists :
Shafic ABBOUD, Youssef ABDELKE, Etel ADNAN, Mahjoub BEN BELLA, Mahi BINEBINE, Manabu KOCHI, Najia MEHADJI, Antonio SEGUI, Vladimir VELICKOVIC

The Aurélie Nemours Prize

Aurélie Nemours, the grande dame of French abstraction, was born in 1910 and passed away in 2005. Painting was always a necessary part of her life, something she started early on, painting just for herself.

It wasn’t until she was 43 that her work became known to the general public; it was a deliberate choice and the body of work she left behind bears witness to the great degree of maturity she had attained.

Aurélie Nemours was humility personified and yet simultaneously took a very militant approach to geometry. Discrete, but not to the point of being self-effacing, she was curious about other people. During her retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in 2004, it was quite striking to see the extent to which her works were represented in more private and foreign collections than public ones.

In 2000 Aurélie Nemours decided to create an annual prize that would be awarded to an artist who was highly demanding in his/her efforts for rigour and whose work contributed to the struggle in favour of intellectual values, whatever his/her discipline and form of expression. In this way, Aurélie Nemours wanted to honour, now and in the future, those artists who have consistently worked, innovated and asserted their personal vision in the realm of thought.

This year the prize has been awarded to Jean-François Dubreuil (born 1946), whose career is far from being in contradiction with the idea behind the Prix Nemours, on the contrary. In the 70s he began making paintings based on newspapers; today he is still working in what was, at the time a novel approach to creating a work of art and a new way of reading the newspaper. A staunch defender of geometric abstraction, he founded a community gallery where, amongst other artists, a certain Aurélie Nemours once exhibited.


The artist Ghass pursues his “PEACE” program with a new medium for expression. This time, he has decided to deliver his message of peace by creating a conceptual (and exceptional) art piece.

Following the initiative of the Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery, Ghass and the French car racing team Signatech-Apline have combined their expertise to forge a new destiny for a legendary vehicle.

40 years ago, the auctioneer Hervé Poulain had a wonderful idea: commissioning artists to paint race cars for the 24h du Mans.

After Alexander CALDER (1975), Franck STELLA, Roy LICHTENSTEIN, Andy WARHOL and Jeff KOONS, it is the artist GHASS' turn to create a link between the world of art and that of automobile racing by completely metamorphosing an Alpine A450. His artistic speedster will soon join the long and prestigious tradition of the 24h du Mans Art Cars.

Entirely hand-made, this work of art required more than 120 days of work in one of the artist's studios, located in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (95).

Extraordinary numbers for an extraordinary creation:
- 30 meters of linen
- up to 95% of the car is covered in linen
- 65 liters of paint and art supplies
- 4,60 meters long x 2 meters large

With this work, Ghass aims to offer the public a fresh take on art while giving a universal scope to his message of peace. Ghass' Alpine A450 was displayed in the Grand Palais during Art Paris 2017 and will be showcased during artistic and sport events throughout the world.

Shafic Abboud, Les Inspirations,Tempera sur toile, 1994
  • Shafic Abboud, Les Inspirations,Tempera sur toile, 1994

Jean François Dubreuil, Le Journal des arts N°312, 2009 2/2, Acrylique sur toile, 84x124,5 cm Courtesy Galerie Lahumière, Paris

Alpine A450 By Ghass - crédit photo GRK GALLERY

Alpine A450 By Ghass - crédit photo GRK GALLERY