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Panorama Helvetia Art Collection

You are going to see a sample, in other words forty or so works out of the 1,700 that comprise the collection, which will exceptionally be leaving the Swiss insurance company's offices for the pleasure of a much larger public. Helvetia boasts one of the largest corporate art collections in Switzerland and one that provides a magnificent overview of the history of modern and contemporary Swiss art, as represented in the works of some 400 artists. "Panorama", the exhibition which the public will discover during Art Paris, focuses on recent additions to the collection that bear witness to its close relationship with today's young and emerging talents. The works on show could be seen as being part of three different chapters that combine to tell the story of Switzerland's artistic landscapes. The first landscape is graphic, as illustrated in the work of Francis Baudevin who takes samples of abstract geometric motifs, often from packaging, and replicates them in paintings. The second and more romantic landscape is the Alps, a subject that has been a leitmotiv in Swiss artistic production for centuries, from Michel Grillet's delicate watercolour mountain views to the unbridled installation of the young artist Christopher Füllemann. Finally visitors will discover a horizon in black and white, which serves as a reminder of the importance of drawing in Swiss art in recent years, or to be more precise how the line is used in varying means of expression. "Panorama" is an opportunity to discover an aerosol on canvas piece by Hadrien Dussoix alongside a photo by Bernard Voïta, traces of contact by Michael Günzburger and Franziska Furter's collages and reliefs - just some of the artists who deserve to be better known in France!

" Panorama, collection d'Art Helvetia " is curated by Karine Tissot, invited curator for Switzerland Guest of Honour.

Exhibited artists :
Kathrin Affentranger (1987), Josse Bailly (1978), Francis Baudevin (1964), Marc Bauer (1975),Miriam Cahn (1949), Julian Charrière (1987), Collectif_Fact (Annelore Schneider (1977) et Claude Piguet (1979)), Claudia Comte (1983), Hadrien Dussoix (1975), Marc Elsener (1971), Corsin Fontana (1944), Christopher Füllemann (1983), Franziska Furter (1972),Gabriella Gerosa (1964), Aloïs Godinat (1978), Conrad Godly (1962), Michel Grillet (1956), Mireille Gros (1954), Michaël Günzburger (1974), Alex Hanimann (1955), Hans Peter Hofmann (1960),Tom Huber (1976), huber huber (1975), Isabelle Krieg (1971), Luc Mattenberger (1980), Karim Noureldin (1967), Guido Nussbaum (1948), Jack Pryce (1990) & Stella (1995), Augustin Rebetez (1986), Adrian Schiess (1959),Pierre Schwerzmann (1947), Monica Studer & Christoph Van den Berg (1960/1962), Miguel Verme (1970), Bernard Voita (1960), Cécile Wick (1954).

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Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg   Terrasse mit Schlitten, 2004, Inkjet Print, 148 x 197 cm   Courtesy : Helvetia Art Collection, 2018
  • Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg Terrasse mit Schlitten, 2004, Inkjet Print, 148 x 197 cm Courtesy : Helvetia Art Collection, 2018