Andy Denzler, Electric Avenue V, 2023
Jean-Michel Atlan, Danse Chaldéenne, 1958
Jean-Charles Blais, Bleu, 2023
Monica Bonvicini, Tight Cut, 2015
Fernando Botero, Circus People, 2008
Andy Denzler, Electric Avenue V, 2023
Juan Genovés, Desplazamiento, 2007
Eva Nielsen, Insolare I, 2023
Eva Nielsen, Insolare II, 2023
Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Daylight Studio Mirror with Jug (P1250966), 2022
Pierre Soulages, Peinture 65 x 92 cm, 16 decembre 1971, 1971
Cho Sung Hee, Red Garden with Pink, 2022
Manolo Valdés, Doble cara en rosa, 2023
Andriu Deplazes, Körper an Gerät (Body on machine), 2023

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