"Promises": A Sector for Young Galleries and Emerging Talents


“Promises”, a sector focusing on young galleries created less than six years ago, provides a forward-looking analysis of cutting-edge contemporary art. Participating galleries can present up to three artists and Art Paris finances 45 % of the exhibitor costs. In 2022, this sector will play host to nine galleries around half of which are new for this edition.

Galería Rebelde offers a rare perspective on the emerging art scene in Guatemala with the floral still life photos of Andrès Asturias - which function both as altars and reliquaries in memory of the victims of the pandemic - and textile works by Sandra Monterroso and Angélica Serech that point to the post-colonial and intercultural processes at work in Guatemala, which lead to frictions and deviations from a growing feminist consciousness.

Intercultural questions are at the heart of the exhibit on the stand of Galerie Felix Frachon, which establishes a dialogue between the African ritual masks revisited by Nyaba L. Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Brazilian artist Mano Penalva’s abstract compositions made from tarpaulins and plastic bags and the painted engravings of Arnaud Rochard (France) inspired by medieval images.

She BAM! (Laetitia Gorsy), a gallery that exclusively represents women artists, juxtaposes the new, city-inspired works by Gaëlle Leenhardt and Anna Nero’s paintings that comprise a series of contemporary emotional architectures. Seoul-based Gallery M9 focuses on Jihee Han’s landscapes that blur the line between figuration and abstraction, exhibiting them alongside works by DuckYong Kim and Sun-Joo Shin.

Double V Gallery brings together three artists whose practices are characterised by their use of mediums steeped in references: ceramics for Maximilien Pellet, concrete for Ugo Schiavi (who has begun to address environmental questions) and paper and canvas for Arsène Welkin.

Hors-Cadre establishes a dialogue between three talented young artists working in France, Clara Rivault, Victoria Kosheleva and ceramic artist and sculptor Victor Levai, whose practice is based on his personal reflections and a meticulous observation of the plant world.

Finally, three galleries have opted for solo shows. With an exhibit in connection with this edition’s theme of nature and the environment, Vincent Laval portrays and defends the forest in his brilliant and poetic sculptures at Galerie Sono; the brightly coloured paintings of Shagha Ariannia scrutinise the body and its desires on the stand of SEPTIEME Gallery; and the smartphone images found on the web and manipulated by Alina Frieske create a whole new fictional narrative at Galerie Fabienne Levy.

2022 Selection:
Double V Gallery (Marseille, Paris)
Galerie Felix Frachon (Brussels)
Galerie Hors-Cadre (Paris)
La Galería Rebelde (Guatemala City)
Fabienne Levy (Lausanne)
Galerie M9 (Seoul)
Septieme Gallery (Paris)
She BAM! Galerie Laetitia Gorsy (Leipzig)
Galerie Sono (Paris)

Vincent Laval, Au travers, des bois I, 2021
Jihee Han, The words you left me, 2022
Victoria Kosheleva, A phantom kiss by the Fountain named by someone, 2021
Alina Frieske, Variable Position, 2021
Shagha Ariannia, there is a room and a window and a window and a box, 2020

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