The theme Exile: Dispossession and Resistance has been entrusted to independent exhibition curator and founder of the Beirut-based TAP (Temporary Art Platform), Amanda Abi Khalil. It shines a spotlight on a selection of 18 international artists chosen from the exhibiting galleries whose work addresses questions in relation to exile.

According to Amanda Abi Khalil: “Leaving a place does not necessary mean we are no longer there. Whether exile is chosen or forced upon us, it is always something to be endured. Exile highlights our ties with the very people and places that give rise to the feeling of dispossession and transforms the remains of this other place into a condition of survival. These remains anchor us in the non-places we are trying in vain to reach. In the current context of tensions caused by migration, which is exacerbated by wars, economic and climate crises amongst other reasons, this theme sets out to address the complex, porous and highly personnel character of exile and understand it above and beyond purely geographical and identity-based connotations. Highlighted in artistic practices dealing with notions of hospitality, our relationship to others and feelings of strangeness, in an art world that often celebrates the mobility of artist this theme allows “accents” to have the floor.”

Discover the Exile: Dispossession and Resistance booklet below.

Amanda Abi Khalil is an independent curator who shares her time between Paris, Beirut, and Rio de Janeiro. She founded the TAP (Temporary Art Platform) in 2014. This curatorial platform is active in the contextual, public, and social practices of contemporary art. It runs artist-in-residence programmes and manages public art commissions and research projects on art in the public space, while focusing on mediation between the art world, geographic regions, and society in general.

Majd Abdel Hamid, Muscle Memory III, 2022
Nabil El Makhloufi, Le bateau I, 2023
Boris Mikhailov, Untitled from the ‘FotoZeit Salzau’ series, 1997
Zarina, Sinking Boat with a heartbeat (Serie: Refugee Camps), 2015
Leyla Cardenas, Irreversible, 2018
Myriam Mihindou, POST SCRIPTUM, 2005
José Ángel Vincench, Exilio, 2019
Anas Albraehe, Untitled, 2023

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