The Ether (Equality) statue by Kohei Nawa with Danae.io

In March 2021, with the Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, Danae.io has won the Department of Hauts-de-Seine public competition to build a 25 meters tall Equality statue on the Seguin Island in Paris. It will be a unique public art monument towering at the center of the river Seine.
A scaled model of the statue will be exclusively shown at the Art Paris fair. The Equality statue, inspired by Kohei Nawa’s series "Ether", is the representation of the fall of a drop of water and symbolizes our equality in the face the force of gravity. Danae.io will developed a free Augmented Reality experience equally focused on education and entertainment.


Danae.io is the only French NTFs platform developed in partnership with contemporary art galleries and sponsored by BPI France. It has recently partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, a decentralized public network owned and governed by the likes of Google and IBM. With Hedera Hashgraph, Danae.io provides a highly secured technology and traceability for NTFs artworks.

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