Art Paris,

A unique means of promotion for companies, corporate foundations and private collections

The communication team invites you to elaborate together a bespoke communication project that will enhance your company’s brand image or give your corporate foundation a helping hand, whilst asserting your commitment to art, sharing your passion with others and gaining recognition for your role as a facilitator or creator of educational projects. You can imagine exclusive themed visits for your clients and/or colleagues and associate your brand with the values of creativity and innovation. Enjoy event-wide visibility, create customer loyalty, reach out to new clients and finally boost your overall visibility thanks to a broad panel of specific promotional tools and an effective media strategy.

Significant media coverage in France and abroad

• With more than 115 advertisements in the French and international press
105 media partners
135 banner ads
568 TV & radio commercials
2,544 posters throughout Paris
707 accredited journalists, 635 French journalists and 72 internationals
• some 150 news articles in 10 countries
498,255 pages viewed on
137,371 single visitors

Audrey Keïta
Communication and Partnerships Director
+33 (0)6 52 81 52 74 /

Caroline Farin
Development and Partnerships
+33 (0)6 02 17 53 45 /

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