Sue Arrowsmith, I am burning up baby, 2018
Jessica Craig-Martin, When in Doubt Wear Red (amfAR Gala, Hotel du Cap), Antibes, 2023
Michael Craig-Martin, Interior (with chair), 2021
Michael Craig-Martin, Untitled (with 2 carrots), 2022
Michael Craig-Martin, Untitled (vegetables with blue lines), 2022
Ian Davenport, Puddle Painting: Indian Red No. 1, 2012
Nigel Hall, Call and Response, 2019
Howard Hodgkin, Indian Tree, 1990
Paul Hosking, Dirty Magic (Blue), 2023
Eamon O'Kane, Farnsworth house autumn winter, 2023
Eamon O'Kane, Palm Springs House with Pink Sky and Cacti, 2024
Claude Viallat, No. 424, 2921
Claude Viallat, No. 219, 2018
Andrew James Ward, Untitled (Chinese Dragon Vase), 2022

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